Digital Advertisers may lose more than $16 billion to Ad Fraud in 2017

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Online Ad Fraud is becoming a serious problem for digital advertisers. According to new research, it’s estimated that advertisers could be wasting as much as $16.4 billion to click farms and bots.

Adloox who carried out the research earlier this year, studied 200 billion daily bid requests, 4 billion ad calls and 10 billion ad impressions a month, over 12 month period. Adloox found that 50% of the bid requests were detected as being either non-human traffic (bots or hijacked devices) or fraudulent traffic, which includes those trying to spoof real web domains in an attempt to appear as premium websites to ad buyers.

Ad fraud is a major concern for digital media advertisers and it’s important that marketers take initiative to closely vet the quality of each publishers traffic. One way that marketers can mitigate the risk of ad fraud is through using pre-verified publishers, though this may add additional costs, it’s better than wasting your ad budget on bots.

Another step digital advertisers can take to reduce the chance that their budget is being wasted is by reducing the amount they spend on programmatic channels. Integral Ad Science estimates that almost 9% of digital ads, delivered via programmatic channels are fraudulent, compared with only 2% 0f ads delivered through direct deals with publishers.

Here at Huckster, we want to help companies improve the efficiency of their ad spend by using Influencers to directly communicate with the advertiser’s intended audience. As we drive towards a more transparent Influencer market, advertisers will be able to make better choices on where to advertise.



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