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By now I’m sure you know that a company needs it’s own blog as part of it’s marketing strategy. If you disagree with this, you either work for a drug cartel or you still think that the world is flat.

What you may not have considered though is the power of leveraging influential blogs to promote your product or brand. Now you may be thinking how can a blog help me build traction for my company.

The power of blogs

If you’re reading this, then I’m sure that you’re also already reading other blogs on a regular basis and you’re not alone. Bloggers have continued to improve and deliver higher quality content which in turn has increased the readership of blogs..

Finding suitable blogs

The first thing you need to do is determine where your prospective customers spend their time on the internet. If you’re building a finance product, then look at finance websites. If you’re selling nutritional products, then look at fitness blogs.

Tools for the job

The first place to begin your search for blogs is at a tiny site called Google. Simply search for things like “top blogs for x” or “best x blogs”.

YouTube is another great place to search. If you do a simple search of your product keywords you’ll begin to uncover the most popular videos relating to your industry. These videos are usually created by influencers, who also have their own blogs. Once you’ve found these influencers you can reach out to them and begin conversations by referencing their videos.

Twitter is a another great way to search for keywords that relate to your industry and in turn locate the most followed influencers. Tools like Followerwonk and Klout can be used to determine how popular a specific influencer is and if they’re right for your product or brand.

Social Mention is also another great website that allows you to see the sites that have the most frequent mentions of your keywords.

As you progress through your search it’s important to put a list together of all the blogs that are suitable for your brand or product. Once you’ve put together a reasonable size list it’s useful to order the list by the web traffic that it receives. Similarweb is a great resource to find a blogs traffic numbers.

Next Steps

Now that you have a list to target you’ll need to get in contact with each of the blog owners and organize to work with them. It’s important to get creative and see how you can help bloggers while they’re helping you. The following are a couple of ideas to begin with;

Sponsoring Blogs

This is as simple as it sounds, you offer the blogger some cash for them to promote your business. This may include banner ads, product reviews and recommendations. A lot of smaller blogs, often don’t make any money, so offering a couple of hundred dollars would definitely get them excited. Sponsoring blogs with millions of readers can be very expensive, so it’s probably smarter to offer them exclusive information or offers.

VIP/Early Access

Blogs want to be able to increase their audience and also give back to their existing readers. Why not offer an exclusive early access or discounts on your products. It’s important to make sure that your offer benefits you and the blogger.

Link Sharing Communities

Sites like Reddit, Hacker News,, Quora a long with other niche communities encourage and reward the sharing of links. Determine which sites are suitable for your brand and begin posting videos, links and other information that would be relevant to the readers.


This method of driving traction wont scale, however other startups like have found tremendous success with it. However this isn’t a quick process but if done correctly it can have the potential for massive rewards.

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