Now Google is Stealing From Snapchat

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First, it was Facebook and Instagram that stole from Snapchat and now Google is following suit. It’s reported that Google is introducing an AMP powered version of Snapchat stories, called “Stamp”. Google has asked a number of publishers to partake in the launch of Stamp.

There was a time when it was frowned upon stealing unique functionality from other companies. However, today every tech company is doing its best to steal the best features it can from its competitors. I’m personally amazed that Snapchat hasn’t fought back more to date and that’s being reflected in their stock price and more competitors taking their ideas.

Google Stamp has the ability to be a powerful product, based on their relationships with publishers and the sheer size of their audience, particularly if Stamp is shown in search results.

I personally don’t see this having a huge impact on Snapchat’s daily active users, though it may be just what publishers are looking for to get younger traffic to their content.

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