First, it was Facebook and Instagram that stole from Snapchat and now Google is following suit. It’s reported that Google is introducing an AMP powered version of Snapchat stories, called “Stamp”. Google has asked a number of publishers to partake in the launch of Stamp. There was a time when it was frowned upon stealing unique functionality from other companies. However, today every tech company is doing its best to steal the best features it can from its competitors. I’m personally amazed that Snapchat hasn’t…Continue Reading “Now Google is Stealing From Snapchat”

Online Ad Fraud is becoming a serious problem for digital advertisers. According to new research, it’s estimated that advertisers could be wasting as much as $16.4 billion to click farms and bots. Adloox who carried out the research earlier this year, studied 200 billion daily bid requests, 4 billion ad calls and 10 billion ad impressions a month, over 12 month period. Adloox found that 50% of the bid requests were detected as being either non-human traffic (bots or hijacked devices) or fraudulent traffic, which…Continue Reading “Digital Advertisers may lose more than $16 billion to Ad Fraud in 2017”

Proctor and Gamble cut more than $100 million in digital marketing spend during the June ’17 Quarter, due to ineffective ads and brand safety concerns. What’s even more interesting is that P&G found minimal downside to their overall business, even with the cuts to their digital marketing advertising. P&G’s CFO, Jon Moeller recently said they were focused on dumping ads that were ending up on sites filled with bots or questionable content. “What it reflected was a choice to cut spending from a digital standpoint where…Continue Reading “P&G cuts more than $100 Million in Digital Advertising Budget”