Huckster | About Us

Why Huckster?

Leverage The Power of Influencers

We started Huckster to make it simple for every company to be able to leverage the power that influencers have with their audience. By building an open marketplace, we're making it easy for companies to find and hire the perfect influencers, to create native advertizing campaigns.

The team at Huckster also realize how important it is for influencers to maintain their authenticity. In creating this marketplace, influencers maintain creative control and decide which project they wish to collaborate on.

Who's Huckster For?

Brands, Agencies and Influencers

As the world becomes more saturated in mundane advertizing, it's native content that's breaking through the noise and resonating with the intended audiences. Brands can instantly hire the right influencers to spread their message.

Agencies are in a great position with our open and transparent marketplace. Agencies can instantly hire amazing influencers to work on projects or they can represent the influencers they already manage.

As an influencer you've worked hard to build your following and this makes you invaluable to brands. Now it's time to reap the rewards for your amazing efforts and with Huckster you're in control every step of the way.

When to use Huckster

Like.... Right Now!

We've made it safe, secure and simple to hire the best influencers, when you need them most. Whether you're coordinating a month log campaign or need immediate content delivered to your targeted audience.

Huckster is the best way to make it happen, right now.